NU-MRSEC Educational Outreach

NU-MRSEC seeks to revitalize interest in science and engineering by creating innovative outreach infrastructure and programs designed to inform the public about current trends in research, to inspire future scientists, and to ensure a pipeline of talented and diverse students interested in pursuing materials-related research.

NU-MRSEC Stakeholders
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Initiatives promoting outreach infrastructure off-campus:
Materials World ModulesPREM PartnershipMuseum PartnershipsMaterials iLabLearning Appsevaluation protocol

Outreach programs on-campus:
ETOPiA - Engineering Transdisiplinary Outreach in the ArtsUndergraduate Research InternshipSummer Research Experience for UndergraduatesSummer Research Experience for TeachersTomographers Anonymous

In order to reach the Center's educational and outreach objectives, training is provided to aid Northwestern graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in developing essential skill sets that include effective communication, the production of scientific figures, and the successful creation of grants and publications. This will help develop a cadre of successful professionals who will act as ambassadors for science and engineering throughout their careers. Past and ongoing Center-sponsored events include:

  • MRSEC Fellowship
  • MRSEC Grantsmanship Workshop
  • MRSEC Art of Science Lecture Series
  • MRSEC Outreach Associates Program
  • Advanced Professional and Presentation Skills for Engineers Workshop


The Northwestern University MRSEC works actively to engage K-16 students and their teachers by creating innovative outreach programs designed to ensure a pipeline of talented and diverse students interested in careers in science and engineering. Programs are designed to translate Center work into hands-on demonstrations and presentations, which inform the public about current trends in research and inspire future scientists with the many opportunities available to them within the broad field of materials science. Past and on-going Center-sponsored events include:

  • Career Day for Girls
  • Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day
  • Splash!
  • Chute Middle School After-School Science Club
  • Materials and Design Honors Engineering Course (Center for Talented Development)

mwm Materials World Modules
Prem PREM Partnernship
Museum Partnerships Museum Partnerships
iLab iLab
Learning Apps

Learning Apps


Evaluation Protocol


ETOPiA - Engineering Transdisiplinary Outreach in the Arts

Undergraduate Research Internship

Undergraduate Research Internship


Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)


Summer Research Experience for

Tomography Anonymous

Tomographers Anonymous

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